Growing up, I was extremely blessed to have two women in my life that proved to be the perfect role models for a young woman. My mother, Dorothy, and my grandmother, Ruth, were the epitome of what a strong, beautiful, and resilient woman should look like, both inside and out. As a single mother with four children, my mom remained humble and positive, while working her hardest to provide for our family and be a consistent support system for us, and she is still at it. My grandmother was one of the sweetest, most loving, and hardworking people I knew. Even at the age of 74, having to walk around with a walker, she would get all dressed up for work, so she could “go make a dollar,” as she loved to say. I always knew I wanted to share the same strength, beauty, and work ethic, that my mom and grandmother had shown me, with my daughters one day, as well as other women all over the world.
I became infatuated with hair and makeup at a young age, often styling my grandmother’s hair and putting on her makeup for work. Not only did I enjoy the way it made her look, I absolutely loved the way it made her feel. However, I decided to go a different route and follow in my grandmother’s footsteps, becoming a CNA. I had hopes of one day becoming a nurse and started school to do so until my grandmother become severely ill and my grandfather needed my help to take care of her, so I dropped out. In 2013, my grandmother passed away and in 2014, my youngest daughter, Leilana, was born. Something came over me! My hopes and dreams changed drastically, but in a way that was no surprise to me. My love and passion for beauty, that had been suppressed for so long, was returning to me and the thought of owning a hair company became more of a vision and aspiration than ever before.
With God, my mom’s positive encouragement , the motivation of my children, and the undying love and support from my other half, I decided to turn that thought into something much more. I decided to take that dream and vision, and not to sound cliché, but turn it into my reality and finally strive for the thing I had always been the most passionate about, BEAUTY.
So here I am today, living out that dream, pursuing my goals with all that I have in me, and hoping to help as many women as I can to be the most beautiful and strong women that they can and want to be. Using something as simple, yet as transforming, as our fabulous tresses, I hope you can truly revitalize your life and image through L.A.’s Luxury Hair Company!
Join me on my journey to help empower and beautify all of you. I hope you love it as much as I do.
- Tisha
CEO/Founder of L.A.’s Luxury Hair Co.